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SONICBOOM for Nearby Communication

Sonicboom uses patented audio technology for nearby communication that can work on any devices with speakers and microphones securely.

Less Friction, Better Everything

Existing technology like Bluetooth and NFC are available as options to communicate between devices but they are not instantly available and it introduces unnecessary frictions. Sonicboom Nearby Communication (NC) device agnostic that is equipped with microphone and speakers.

Enterprise Grade Encryption

Using enterprise grade algorithm to provide authentication by symmetric generation of passkeys that can only be used once. We adopt this enterprise standard that is globally used in the financial and banking sectors.

Adjustable Nearby Distance

Sonicboom Nearby range is fully adjustable to meet different requirements. Our range can be adjusted from 5cm to 5m as simple as changing 1 parameter.


Our protocol can process any data type between different devices; therefore, this protocol can be widely used for different purposes: offline transactions, access control, ticketing verification, and many others.

Fast and Reliable

Our algorithm is very reliable with >95% accuracy to communicate between active devices. This allows our tone to get a quick pickup and processing without any the hassle of turning on additional settings.

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