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SONICBOOM for retail

One of the most important indicators to determine whether one retail area is a success or need more work is the number of visitors coming. Unfortunately, the way retailers measure visitor numbers are often inaccurate due to the double counting, lack of visibility on (un)popular areas, and many others.

Using our technology, we can help solve many of these existing problems by providing better visitor count as well as different layers of analysis to give much better insights for retailers to help make better decision.

Better data, Better Everything

Using better and more accurate data can provide our clients with better understanding on their retail areas. Hence, our clients can make better decision based on accurate data.

Accurate footfall data

We are able to provide unique visitor in one day, week, month, or year without the worry of multiple counting. Using this way, retailers can get a better understanding of visitors’ journey and recurring visits data with high degree of accuracy.

Traffic Trends Insights

Different area have different trend overtime in the course of one day or one week. Understanding this visitor behavior is crucial to make better decision on micro-real-estate campaigns.

Hyper-local Push Engagement

Relevant engagements such as push promotions, news, or gamification contents has become easy to achieve. We can provide micro area as narrow as 5sqm to target visitors for specific engagements. This is something that cannot be done before.


Dividing indoor or outdoor large areas into micro area for different visitor counts is powerful to understand crowd better and more accurately. This can lead to micro segmentation of a certain locations.

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